by green led lighting solutions
  • Applications Include

    • Border Lighting
    • Architectural and Interior Outlines
    • Signage
    • General Upgrading and Updating!
    • Cove/Accent Lighting
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  • Benefits of Using Neon

    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Free of Lead and Mercury
    • Easy Installation
    • Life Span of up to 50,000 Hours or More
    • Two-year Limited Warranty
    • Benefits for Years to Come!
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    Discover a High-Quality Light Source that Reduces Power
    Consumption While Delivering Unrivaled Light Quality.

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LED Neon Contour

Bend the Contour as tight as you like, it loves a challenge.

Provide dynamic points of visual interest and display, anywhere!

Changing expectations in lighting technology

Neon lighting has been the unquestioned star of commercial lighting for decades. Vibrant and attractive, neon lights have illuminated countless industrial buildings and signs with style. Despite its attractive features however, traditional glass neon had many drawbacks, including excessive energy consumption, high maintenance costs, and extreme fragility. Then along came one of the greatest breakthroughs in the history of lighting—flex LED. The possibilities of neon light have never looked brighter.

In 2006, we introduced our first generations of LED Neon flex. LED Neon flex light is a completely revolutionary product that delivers all the benefits of glass neon with none of the drawbacks. For starters, LED flex lighting technology is extremely energy efficient. Mini LED flexible light is also extremely durable and thus free of all the maintenance issues that plagued traditional glass neon. Since 2006, we have moved several bold steps forward as we continue to innovate and improve a wide range of high-tech neon LED home lights, including LED ribbon lights, LED lights tubes, neon strips RGB, SMD led neon light strip RGB, neon rope light, bulbs for home and many other mini LED flex light products.

In fact, the current Vivid line of LED Neon Flex is the only commercial quality flexible neon solution on the market. This flex LED light is ultra bright, ultra smooth, and ultra durable and its components are vastly superior to other company's attempts. No wonder LED Neon Flex leaves all those competitors in the dark. Vivid by LED Neon Flex—a brighter idea in neon lighting!