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LED Border Lighting

Simple yet so effective, LED border lighting is the easiest way for your company to draw attention to its premises. From the straightforward appeal of LED window border lights to strategically placed LED border lights along a building’s exterior, investing in LED border tubing can yield maximum returns for minimal outlay.

 Along with the obvious economic benefits, LED border lighting also offers many other advantages. LED border lights consume less energy and require far less maintenance than old-school glass neon. That’s good for the environment and better for your internal resource management, too. Using energy-efficient technology like LED border tubing also helps reinforce a forward-thinking image of your company.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Brighter than traditional glass neon, our LED border lighting is also easier to install. There’s never been a better time or reason to make the switch to LED Neon Flex border lighting. LED Neon Flex—for all the bright reasons!