How LED Neon is Making Art Deco Architecture Sustainable

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Art Deco Architecture is synonymous with Neon lighting. Thankfully, today we have much better options than traditional neon to help maintain the art deco culture. The answer lies within the new solution to an old problem: LED Neon lighting solutions have revolutionized the Art Deco style by making it more lightweight, low-energy, and environmentally kind

3 Reasons Why Our LED Neon Makes Your Purchase Carefree

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Purchasing LED neon lights and signs should be hassle-free. As a valued customer and business owner, you should be offered the best products at affordable prices and extended warranties. Friendly and helpful customer service representatives should always be ready to answer your questions and comments with professionalism so you have a great experience. LED Neon

How LED Neon Gives You the Control with Dimming Drivers

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Imagine as your guests enter your highly anticipated awards event, sitting at the brightly lit tables as they murmur in excitement at their surroundings. Then the event begins as the overhead lights dim and the colorful LED neon lights throw bright combinations of red, green, and blue colors throughout the room calling to the guests

What LED Neon is Really Saving You in Energy Consumption

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LED neon lighting has gained traction in the lighting marketplace in recent years, particularly for applications along the likes of border lighting, cove lighting, signage and outlines. And while the three letters "LED" certainly signify a more cost-effective, environmentally-sound product, you might be wondering just how much LED neon saves in energy consumption, especially when

LED Neon Commercial and Decorative Applications

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When you are searching for the best new options in commercial LED neon lighting products, LED Neon Flex always has some amazing new options available for you to consider. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for a commercial-grade product for architectural lighting effects or decorative-grade product to enhance a home's beauty, we have an astounding

How LED Neon Can Illuminate Your Sign From The Inside Out

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Traditional neon lighting conjures up images of vintage theater marquees, all-American diners, and flashing signs in business windows advertising ”we’re open.” Those signs are great for creating a certain type of atmosphere or conveying a message, but what if you're after something a little more modern and bold? One idea for a neon sign that

The Advantages of LED Neon Flex

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Make the switch to LED Neon Flex, one of the most versatile commercial LED lighting products on the market today. Discover why our LED neon lighting solutions have all the advantages over outdated glass neon and other conventional lighting options. Get the Neon Flex Advantage with Neon Light Installation Our commercial LED lighting products are

How to Add Dimension to Your Billboard by Adding LED Neon

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When you want to make your billboard stand out, we know that considering LED neon lighting solutions is your first step. Neon adds dimension to the display and catches the eye of people going by better than a billboard with no additional lighting.  Our LED neon flex products are perfect for creating an exciting billboard

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