If you are in the market for commercial LED lighting solutions, you must know about these three excellent products. You should also know exactly how they work and what benefits they offer. You may be surprised at how much flexibility each offers, and by the different elements they will add to your business.

Take Advantage of the Flexibility of LED Neon Flex

The LED Neon Flex Vivid is a commercial product providing top light output capabilities, extreme durability, and enhanced quality. The name of the game here is more bang for your buck, and Neon Flex delivers. That’s why it leads the industry! This product includes excellent LED neon lighting control with RGB color versions. It has brighter contrasts for the most vivid colors imaginable. That’s why more professionals choose this product. They know it makes their business and brand stand out from the rest. LED Neon Flex includes higher quality connectors to keep out dust and water. That also makes them last longer while expanding their capabilities.

The Power Is Just As Important As The Product

If you want top-notch performance you need to match the proper materials to the right LED lights. The first step is sizing up the kind of power supply you want to drive your lighting display.  LED Neon Flex has all the top drivers and supplies. We offer the highest quality dimming LED neon drivers, and 24 V LED drivers. Whatever your needs, you will find them here. Each is engineered to provide a more consistent light product. With precision engineering, you will enjoy the best ratio of current and more constant voltage for a more realistic display. Why trust your brand and your business to anyone but the experts?

The Outcome is Up to You

LED controllers set the tone for your installation. So, what do you want the final product to be? Choose from our selection of wall mount dimmers, for a convenient permanent solution. Or, choose the dimming LEDs to take the hassle out of light display maintenance.  You enjoy a constant and trouble-free install with all of our products. That includes our special LED dimmer wheel, with an easy-to-set dimming spool. Just turn the dial and set the perfect amount of light for your installation. Ideal when you need to meet certain restrictions, or match your current displays. Our products are designed with you in mind. We deliver the best solutions for all our customers.