Purchasing LED neon lights and signs should be hassle-free. As a valued customer and business owner, you should be offered the best products at affordable prices and extended warranties. Friendly and helpful customer service representatives should always be ready to answer your questions and comments with professionalism so you have a great experience.

LED Neon Flex believes in such business solutions. It is the reason why so many business owners seek our products to make a purchase. They don’t have to deal with problems associated with inferior lighting products because we can offer you the strongest, brightest LED lighting and give you a warranty that backs it up. Check out the following 3 reasons why your purchase of our LED Neon products will be so carefree.

Reason 1: Our Product Warranty Relieves The Stress You Have If There is A Manufacturing Problem

Don’t you just hate it when you have a 30-day limited warranty and the product fails on the 31st day? We hate that too. So all of our LED products have limited warranties from 1-to-6 years based on the product you are purchasing. The warranty starts on the date of purchase from the original manufacturer and lasts through those first months when you may experience the most problems.

Reason 2: Fast Production-To-Delivery Timeframe To Receive Your Products

We strive to get your custom-made order to you in the quickest time possible to minimize your business downtime as well as giving you the most time for your product warranty. Based on the size and detail specifications for your order, we try to get your product to you in less than one week. With our fast production-to-delivery service timeframe, we ensure our product solutions meet your business needs without compromising on quality or craftsmanship.

Reason 3: Superior Durability And Product Life Cycle

Our LED Neon lights have a lifespan of 40,000 hours up to 60,000 hours based on the type of LED Neon Flex lighting product you purchase. So you are rest assured that you won’t spend money on maintenance costs for LED lights in comparison to traditional glass neon signs. And if you do experience a problem, the product warranty will allow you to send it back to us so we can make the proper repairs.

Here are the 3 reasons why you should seek out LED Neon Flex as your business solution to market your products and services. Call us today to find out how our products can help your business and to receive a competitive quote.