The Most Effective DMX-PMW Decoder for Your LED Neon Flex Project

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SR-2018B The Most Effective DMX-PMW Decoder for Your LED Neon Flex Project... This article will review our newest DMX-PMW Decoder product, the SR-2108B, and compare it to our previously used LT-854 decoder. Both decoders are compatible with our RGB, Dynamic White, and RGBW LED Neon Flex profiles. SR-2018B DMX-PMW

LED Neon Flex Vivid Pixel Wins the 2017 Lighting Design Awards

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Advantages of using LED Neon Lights We talk about the advantages of using LED neon lights over traditional neon gas.However, nothing shows the superior illumination and energy-saving capabilities better than an award tacked on to the product.For the 2017 Lighting Design Awards “Most Outstanding Exterior Luminaire,” LED Neon Flex Vivid Pixel wins among the

5 Key Benefits of LED Lighting for the Sign Industry

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Whether you need a sign to highlight the fact that your store is open for business, or you’re a company offering signs to local businesses, the use of LED lighting could dramatically change your business performance. Companies have been turning to neon signs for years to announce their presence to customers, to welcome them

5 Questions To Help You Decide What LED Sign Is Right For You

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There's no denying that sticking with outdated signage can cause quite a headache. From high-energy bills to difficult installation, repair and disassembling, old signage has become more of a hassle than it is worth. LED Neon signs can offer you modern technology that surpasses other lighting solutions in several ways. LED Neon is easy

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