SR-2018B The Most Effective DMX-PMW Decoder for Your LED Neon Flex Project…

LED Neon Flex SR-2108B vs LT-854 Comparison

This article will review our newest DMX-PMW Decoder product, the SR-2108B, and compare it to our previously used LT-854 decoder.

Both decoders are compatible with our RGB, Dynamic White, and RGBW LED Neon Flex profiles.

SR-2018B DMX-PMW Decoder 

SR-2018B DMX-PMW Decoder 

Within DMX connections, you can see two additional options available for connecting DMX signal transmission. Utilizing RJ45 Ports will allow for a smoother installation process with the use of standard CAT5 Ethernet cables. The XLR ports are a similar solution and use 3-pin or 5-pin XLR/DMX cables. The LT-854 DMX signal transmission process uses Terminal Blocks which are not compatible with plug-and-play.

With an even easier DMX Address Assignment, the SR-2108B provides a digital display and onboard buttons, which creates a smoother experience for installers than the Dip Switch and Calculation method.

The newest operation mode available in the SR-2108B, DMX Master Mode, provides superior programming options and capabilities. There are 31 built-in programs and the ability to connect with multiple other SR-210B decoders to link together. It also allows for brightness and speed control for maximum customization.

In conclusion, not only does it offer a smoother installation method but greater programmability as well; the SR-2108B provides the most cost-effective and high-tech DMX-PWM decoder solution available and is a logical successor to our LT-854’s.

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