On Sunday, January 26, 2014, Daft Punk took the stage at the Grammy Awards, along with other music legends such as Stevie Wonder and Pharrell Williams. This performance- with its high energy and impressive lighting effects–wowed audiences both at the show and those watching from home. The group performed a remixed version of Daft Punk’s recent hit single disco anthem, “Get Lucky.”

Impressive Stage Equipment and Props

While the musical talent and stage energy of these performers were certainly key to the all-star performance, many spectators could not help but comment on the impressive and unique lighting used during the show. Daft Punk, a group known for performing while wearing full helmets and suits, donned their signature attire, as did Wonder and Williams.

The stage around the performers was adorned in vivid LED neon lighting provided by Green LED Solutions. Everything from the ceiling above the musicians to the floors, walls, and steps leading up to the stage was covered in bright, LED light strips and color changing LED neon rope light.  The truly amazing part, however, was that the light strips themselves changed color in coordination with the song itself. Our line of LED Neon Flex Vivid products are brilliant in color while also emitting low heat. As a result, the product added a modern, and futuristic element to the already powerful performance. Daft Punk is known to be cutting edge and with the help of LED Neon Flex vivid, the stage design contributed an unmistakable ambiance to their performance. The use of LED Neon lighting added drama and helped visually display their futuristic style.

Advantages of LED Lighting

Aside from being vibrant and emitting low heat, LED strip lighting makes a great option for just about any stage design where bright and colorful lighting is needed. Furthermore, LED lighting has the advantage of the ability to be configured to be controlled either wirelessly or through automated programming, this makes for a great choice for those who want to present viewers with a truly amazing display of lights.

If you are interested in incorporating LED lighting into any project, be sure to consult with a professional at Green LED Solutions in order to get started. From there, you can be sure to create an impressive light display for any situation, regardless of how large or small of a budget you may be working with.