Traditional neon lighting conjures up images of vintage theater marquees, all-American diners, and flashing signs in business windows advertising ”we’re open.” Those signs are great for creating a certain type of atmosphere or conveying a message, but what if you’re after something a little more modern and bold?

One idea for a neon sign that is dazzling and bright, but not outdated: the interior-lit sign.

By putting the lights inside of the sign, you create a backlit appearance in a single unit. Here you get the enticing visual of free-floating letters and logos, seeming to hover in the night sky, but you create an atmosphere that is unique and modern.

The sign pictured above comes from Lucy’s Restaurant & Bar, a major draw at the Barrdessono, the first LEED Platinum hotel and spa in California. It speaks to just how classic this effect is when you consider that California’s first LEED Platinum hotel chose a Neon Flex interior-lit sign to represent their restaurant.
There are other advantages to choosing this type of signage over other commercial LED neon lighting products, as well:


Standing Out

When your business’ signage looks different from your competitors, you stand out, people notice you. You want your sign to be a representation of what your business is and LED Neon can help you accomplish this. A challenge with any outdoor signage is lighting. You want your business logo to be visible as much as possible. LED Neon enables you to maintain creative control of your design with its flexibility while still offering visibility at night.

Atmosphere Control

Putting a big, blinking sign on the front of your business window can seriously affect the lighting inside as well. The self-contained interior-lit sign creates a much subtle kind of effect that won’t be so bright as to interfere with the mood lighting. You can place the sign just about anywhere in or outside of your place of business without creating a distracting light for your customers.


Simply put, these signs just look really neat. They can add a sleek and modern look to your logo while still offering the option to replicate traditional neon signs. If you’re trying to create a hip atmosphere, interior-lit signs have a very cool, subtle style to them.

Developing the right atmosphere for your place of business can be a process of trial and error, slowly building on cornerstones, be those cornerstones the furniture, wallpaper or the signage. Interior-lit LED signs make a bold statement that can help to guide the development of your aesthetic.