Imagine as your guests enter your highly anticipated awards event, sitting at the brightly lit tables as they murmur in excitement at their surroundings. Then the event begins as the overhead lights dim and the colorful LED neon lights throw bright combinations of red, green, and blue colors throughout the room calling to the guests to take their seats and focus on the main stage.

Those who are interested in a drink throughout the event are attracted to the led backlight panel bar and the neon accent lighting on the walls and stage that dims when the music plays or brightens and changes colors throughout the night.

Dimming LED Neon Drivers The Answer You Need For LED Light Control

Some commercial business owners rely on special lighting in their businesses and general services to set the mood, draw attention to products and entice the interest of customers. Having absolute control over the lights is essential when you need the lights to change colors, brighten or dim during certain events or times of the day.

LED Neon Flex is committed to keeping up with changing technology and the advances in lighting to create wall-mount dimmers and dimming drivers suited for LED lighting. Avoid the problems created by traditional, a.k.a. outdated, wall dimmers and drivers and instead get the options you need with our LED Neon Display controllers.

  • LED Dimmer Wheels
  • Dimming LEDS
  • Commercial Wall Mount Dimmers
  • PWM LED Dimmer Boards

These products are versatile, allowing you to change the brightness of the white LED light or set the controls over colored LED lights to suit your particular application with only a touch of a button. The voltage is regulated to provide a “flicker free” dimming as the light smoothly transitions to different settings. The wall mount dimmer is easy to install and operate to provide a lifelong durability for your business. We also provide dimmer boards to set a standalone light source to the dimness level desired as it can be directly installed into existing features.

Ordinary Wall Dimmers Cannot Handle The Job

Unfortunately, using traditional magnetic dimmers or Triac dimmers create problems when connected to LED lights. Ever turn down the dimmer and the lights “pop-up” to their original brightness when you only wanted to slightly brighten them? Using the wrong wall mount dimmer often causes this issue and drivers not suited for LED lights. Fluctuations in voltage can also cause the lights to turn off at inappropriate times. Losing out on such a lighting effect can only negatively impact your business services.

The capabilities of dimming LED Neon drivers and wall-mount dimmers from LED Neon Flex are endless. Contact LED Neon Flex today so we can discuss our products and suggest the right LED dimmer you need for your business application.