Art Deco Architecture is synonymous with Neon lighting. Thankfully, today we have much better options than traditional neon to help maintain the art deco culture. The answer lies within the new solution to an old problem: LED Neon lighting solutions have revolutionized the Art Deco style by making it more lightweight, low-energy, and environmentally kind than ever before. Many LED neon strips work like the new LED neon Flex: a strip of light that has amazing flexibility and customization.

The Downside of Traditional Neon

Traditional neon is toxic to the environment, not through the properties of Neon itself, which is fairly non-lethal, but in terms of the energy it consumes. Many of the things used to make neon signs are toxic, including argon and mercury, even though the gas is not. Because of the immense expense associated with bright neon signs, the kind that fill up whole boulevards and proclaim to the world their existence, companies are beginning to turn to LED lights to help the environment and their bank accounts.

Lighting Up Art Deco Architecture

Art Deco architecture is slowly but surely making the full transition into LED lighting. Most buildings in even the Las Vegas strip are now moving to LED lighting in order to use environmental neon LED solutions. Historic avenues such as Miami, Florida’s neon district are now using LED in place of many of their neon signs in order to get that same bright glow because of the greater savings involved in using LED. Plus, many older signs need to have their gas replaced, making it a perfect time to switch over to LED lights.

Art Deco Accent Lighting Goes Green

When it comes to savings, ecological and otherwise, LED Neon lighting solutions can’t be beat. These are lights that produce much less heat, last for much longer, and require much less electricity to emit far more light than Neon would under the same circumstances. LED neon lights are win-win, and will never need to be serviced to have their gas refilled, unlike neon. Because of all of these factors we are seeing LED lights used not only outdoors but indoors as a way to bring back some of the old Art Deco styles of lighting without bringing back the expensive and outdated technology of neon light. LED lights can be made to be flexible, too, so they fulfill every function previously attributed to Neon.