When you want to make your billboard stand out, we know that considering LED neon lighting solutions is your first step.

Neon adds dimension to the display and catches the eye of people going by better than a billboard with no additional lighting.  Our LED neon flex products are perfect for creating an exciting billboard that will be memorable to potential customers.
LED neon lighting solutions are:

  • flexible
  • earth-friendly
  • lightweight
  • easy to install
  • versatile
  • affordable

As you consider your billboard, think about a word on the sign that might be perfect to outline in neon. A perfectly lit word might make the difference between a boring display and one that creates a buzz among potential customers.

What Neon Can Do To Enhance Your Billboard

The goal of a billboard is to reach potential customers and get them to remember your business when they are ready to make a purchase.  When you enhance your display with neon lighting, it is more likely that customers will not only see your billboard but remember it when it comes time to shop.  If you want to beat your competition, adding some flexible LED neon lighting to your billboard will give you a step up.

LED lighting can add amazing three-dimensional qualities to your billboard.  With any combination of colors, you can create a lightweight design for your billboard without having to worry about the neon lights producing heat.  Neon lights are safe close to paper because they no longer produce the heat that they used to. Advancements in neon lighting have made using neon lights for any display much easier and more affordable for businesses everywhere.

LED Neon Can Boost Your Product Awareness

A good billboard creates awareness about your product or service, but a great billboard creates awareness and makes potential customers remember your brand when they are ready to make a purchase.  Catch the eye of customers and be memorable with a well-designed billboard display that has a lot of dimension because of LED neon lights.

Neon lights today are safe to use and easy to install.  Lightweight, they can be used almost anywhere, including on top of a printed billboard.  To make an impression on potential customers it is important to get their attention first.  Neon lighting is both eye catching and used often to create interesting displays.  Keep in mind that neon lighting is now more affordable than ever because of the new technology used.