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Vivid S 270

The most reliable LED Neon Flex on the market, offers seamless fittings built to preserve light uniformity. Engineered for on-site configuration and assembly makes Vivid S the definite solution for architectural accents and signage. Vivid S flexibility is just one of the many outstanding features which allow designers to explore organic shapes and advanced patterns, previously not possible. Providing high-performance homogeneous light, Vivid S 270 is perfect for architectural illumination and ideal for highlighting and outlining perimeters.


Vivid S 160

With its smooth, flat optic, Vivid S 160 is similar to Vivid S 270 but without the neon-like profile. Ideal for producing superior, even illumination. Also, with its flat profile, Vivid S 160 is perfect for embedding. Built-in protection circuit design which means single LED failure has no effect on other LEDs working in the same unit and the whole light can keep constant lighting.


Vivid Wave

You have the power to create, shape and illuminate your architectural designs in extraordinary ways. With Vivid Wave you are more capable than you think. Vivid Wave packs an amazing amount of technology into a remarkably small package. Vivid Wave builds on that achievement with constant voltage technology – eliminating linear fade. Seamless accessories erase dark spots, keeping linear lighting uniform.


Vivid Wave 320

Lit from 3 sides, Wave 320 is our brightest specialty fixture achieving lumen output of up to 800 lumens per meter. Wave 320 has the widest beam angle of all LED Neon Flex profiles, making it the choice for projects with multiple viewing angles.


Vivid Wave Mini

Vivid Wave Mini features low power consumption and decay, exceptional thermal management, excellent luminous efficacy, homogeneous illumination and super flexibility as well as many superior design elements. It is one of our most unique products!

At 10mm x 10mm, Wave Mini is our smallest profile yet. Wave mini provides designers with a compact solution capable of providing even, dot-free, illumination. Available in top and side bending. For indoor use only.


Vivid Basic

Flexibility is just one of the many features which allow designers to explore organic shapes and advanced patterns, previously not possible. Vivid Basic is a high output fixture that features either a domed top which produces a wider beam angle or a low-profile option that is perfect for flush mounting on walkways or stair casings. Its durability and weather resistance make it suitable for extreme weather conditions.

Vivid Basic offers seamless fittings built to preserve light uniformity and has been engineered for on-site configuration and assembly making Vivid Basic the solution for architectural accents and highlighting landscaping contours.


Vivid Contour

Vivid Contour goes above and beyond! There is almost no bend radius from left to right, allowing you to bend it as tight as you like. Vivid Contour delivers all the features and benefits of LED Neon Flex Vivid in a smaller package to facilitate additional applications. Vivid Contour’s technological core is a versatile PCB with the latest in SMD LED technology.

If a tight bend radius is what you are looking for, Vivid Contour is the product for you. With almost zero bend radius, Vivid Contour can easily be manipulated into characters and shapes. Vivid Contour is the profile of choice for many signage applications.


Vivid Light Strip

Vivid Light Strips are the newest member of the LED Neon Flex Vivid series. The patented design coupled with intelligent Nichia LEDs create a dynamic, vibrant white capable of temperatures ranging from 2,700K to 6,000K.

We’ve spent the time to test and re-test this line to ensure they are UL/cUL, CE, TUV and RoHS compliant for the European Union and North American markets. Rigorous environmental, optical, mechanical and electrical testing ensure it can withstand some of the harshest environments.

This fixture is fully encased in a flexible PVC chamber, and when used in conjunction with our patented connectors a water resistance rating of IP67 is achievable!


Vivid Pixel

Discover the best of both worlds with Vivid Pixel by LED Neon Flex! Now you can have the convenience of LED Linear Neon and the ultimate control of DMX. Like our Vivid RGB line, Vivid Pixel produces 16.7 million colors but also integrates IC that allows discrete DMX control of 125mm units. Vivid Pixel is ideal for exterior and interior accent applications, as well as low-resolution graphics. One control unit should be able to operate 20 meters (65.6ft) of Vivid Pixel. DMX-512 & Ethernet control options make the product easy to use with any third-party DMX controllers.


Vivid RGB

Delivers remarkably fluid color transitions by utilizing advanced DMX and LED dimming technology. Using our exclusive Triple-Extrusion technology, LED Neon Flex Vivid RGB brings you discernibly richer, truer color. Visibly uniform and flicker free, Vivid RGB transitions like no other – even in high frame-rate environments. Seen by millions at the 2016 Grammy Awards.


Vivid Dynamic White

Lighting is life. Individuals are at their best when they can control the quality, color, and quantity of light around them. Vivid Dynamic tunable white LED technology unlocks the potential to customize your light sphere replacing a variety of sources as well as recreating the feel of natural daylight with one fixture type. By allowing end-users to change the LED color temperature from 5000K down to 2,500K—and everything in between—while independently adjusting intensity.


Vivid True Color

Are you concerned about the color accuracy of your company’s signage and lighting?

We have the solution. Using the RAL color standard, we can reproduce your company’s color palette in vibrant LED lighting. Once you have had the opportunity to review the approval samples, Green LED Solutions can create a customized solution for your company within 45 days. The development cost of $1500 is meant to fit any budget, from our minimum order of 200 meters (656 linear feet) to more extreme lengths and complex designs.

Vivid True will use Vivid S LED Neon, a flexible LED lighting product for both indoor and outdoor (IP68) applications. It is perfect for architectural illumination as it provides high-performance homogeneous light, ideal for highlighting the perimeters and outlines of your architectural features and signage.


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