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Vivid LED Light Strip is a member of Vivid LED Neon Series with creative patent optical design and meticulously selected LEDs that provides aesthetically superior, consistent lighting effects with no fluctuations in luminescence as seen with conventional lighting.

Built-in protection circuit design which means single LED failure has no effect on other LEDs working in the same unit and the whole light can keep constant lighting.

Vivid LED Light Strip features ultra-high brightness, solid and radiant linear light, energy efficient and unmatched dependability. It is also field cuttable, extremely flexible and developed exquisite appearance with three kinds of cover to match the applications.


Vivid LED Light Strip is UL/cUL, CE, TUV and RoHS compliant. Moreover, it has passed environmental resistance, optical, mechanical and electrical tests in our lab under the support of advanced experimental equipments and technology to ensure it meets the requirements of harshest environments. Also it has passed relevant tests of third party inspection authority.

  • High quality and high brightness SMD LED chip.

  • Protection Circuit: Each LED Protected.

  • UV & flame-resistant construction (PVC).

  • Flat profile, good choice for recessed mounting.

  • High color consistency & uniformity.

  • Variety of monochromatic lights for option including White light.

  • Easy installation and assembly

  • High IP rating(IP67).

  • Environmentally friendly & energy efficient.

  • Automated production, high reliability & long warranty.

  • Ultra flexible with 50mm minimum bending diameter.

  • Continuous length up to 15m(R/A)/10m (G/B/W) by powering one end.



Fully encapsulated in the flexible PVC chamber by utilizing consummate extrusion technology, assembled with multiple patented connectors to achieve IP protection; easy for installation and applicable for various circumstances.



Mounting Channel


Vivid Wave Mini boasts our smallest profile yet, measuring only 0.39in by 0.39in (10mm by 10mm). Available in side bending as well as top bending profiles, it provides designers with the capability of highlighting design features with seamless, dot-free illumination.

Light Strip Profile


Bending Diameter


Bending Direction (Top Bending)

  • Power: 12 W/M | 0.5A/M | DC

  • Voltage: 24V DC

  • Color: RGB

  • Lumen: 110

  • Cutting Unit: 24V 100mm

  • Dimmable

  • Five Year Limited Warranty


Designed specifically for outdoor applications, these weatherproof LED Vivid Light Strip lights are ideal for attaching to overhangs, trees, fences, rails, garden edging, and many other applications. The mounting channels make installation easy and fast. Our fixture can be ordered to match any temperature of white to ensure color consistency with other landscape lights.

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