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Vivid Wave Mini is a member of the LED Neon Flex series with monochromatic light to achieve your desired artistic effect. Its exceptionally small physical size and two bending versions allow you to create any custom design applications and facilitate additional types of applications where a smaller profile is required.

Vivid Wave Mini features low power consumption and decay, exceptional thermal management, excellent luminous efficacy, homogeneous illumination and super flexibility as well as many superior design elements. It is one of our most unique products!


Vivid Wave Mini is UL/cUL, CE, TUV and RoHS compliant. Moreover, it has passed environmental resistance, optical, mechanical and electrical tests in our lab under the support of advanced experimental equipment’s and technology to ensure it meets the requirements of harsh environments. Also, it has passed relevant tests of third party inspection authority.

  • High quality and high brightness SMD LED chip.

  • Protection Circuit: Each LED Protected.

  • UV & flame-resistant construction (PVC).

  • Smallest square physical size 10*10mm to enable new applications.

  • Low power consumption, low heat, energy efficient & environmentally friendly.

  • Horizontal and ver tical bending optional for easily custom design.

  • High color consistency & smooth illumination with non visible light dots.

  • Super flexible with 100mm minimum bending diameter.

  • Innovative mounting profiles and mini connectors for easy installation.

  • Continuous length up to 10m by powering one end.

  • Wide range of solid white color options.

  • Automated production, high reliability & long warranty.

Vivid Wave Mini Side Bending Direction


Vivid Wave Mini boasts our smallest profile yet, measuring only 0.39in by 0.39in (10mm by 10mm). Available in side bending as well as top bending profiles, it provides designers with the capability of highlighting design features with seamless, dot-free illumination.

Side Bending
Vivid Wave Mini Light Profile
Vivid Wave Mini Top Bending Direction
Vivid Wave Mini Side Bending Direction
  • Power: 4.5W/M

  • Voltage: 24V DC

  • Color: 2500K – 6500K R/G/B/A

  • Lumen: 50lm/m – 140lm/m

  • Cutting Unit: 3.28in (83.3mm)

  • Dimmable

  • Five Year Limited Warranty


Fully encapsulated in the flexible PVC chamber by utilizing consummate extrusion technology, assembled with multiple patented connectors to achieve IP protection; easy for installation and applicable for various circumstances.


Submersible Seamless


Mounting Channel


With a durable PVC encapsulation, this fixture stands up against even the harshest environments. Choose between Seamless or Submersible Seamless ends for projects that will be hard to maintain, or outside in the weather. Swivel connectors are a DIY option for projects that will not be subjected to the elements.

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