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Old Navy’s Largest Store Now in Time Square


Vivid S 270 Pixel was used in this project.

Discover the best of both worlds with Vivid Pixel by LED Neon Flex! Now you can have the convenience of LED Linear Neon and the ultimate control of DMX. Like our Vivid RGB line, Vivid Pixel produces 16.7 million colors but also integrates IC that allows discrete DMX control of 125mm units.

Old Navy has opened its largest site in the world, a 70,000-square-foot location that houses side-by-side Gap and Old Navy flagships in Manhattan’s Times Square. It’s estimated that roughly 450,000 people pass through the area each day, or more than 50 million people per year.

Key design elements include a structural steel and glass elevator in the two-level atrium, multi-colored programmable LEDs (Vivid S 270 Pixel) behind a blue poly-carbonate curtain wall system, and a recessed linear LED fixture at the perimeter of each sales area. A 30-foot logo structure in the middle of the store allows for breathtaking visual merchandising opportunities of the brand’s latest story and product.

Each floor has a distinct story to tell, based upon the key tenets of the brand but amplified for the flagship location. With a transparent multi-store storefront facade, the team created an energetic window into the activity of the store to engage the Times Square visitor.

Both stores were designed to provide an optimum customer experience, and feature concierge desks featuring touch-screen tablets linked to the brands’ look-books, phone charging stations and “chill spaces.” Both also use technology to keep lines short. Every sales associate is equipped with a mobile device and is able to assist with checkout.

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Schimenti Construction

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