LED lighting is improving everyday. LEDs are increasing in brightness and becoming more cost effective. The more they improve, the more they work their way in to more general usage and lighting applications. Listed below are the most common uses for LED Lighting. Click on the type of lighting to learn more about it.

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[tab title=”Border Lighting” icon=”moon-stack-3″]

LED Border Lighting
Simple yet so effective!

LED border lighting is the easiest way for your company to draw attention to its premises. From the straightforward appeal of LED window border lights to strategically placed LED border lights along a building’s exterior, investing in LED border tubing can yield maximum returns for minimal outlay.

Along with the obvious economic benefits, LED border lighting also offers many other advantages. LED border lights consume less energy and require far less maintenance than old-school glass neon. That’s good for the environment and better for your internal resource management, too. Using energy-efficient technology like LED border tubing also helps reinforce a forward-thinking image of your company.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Brighter than traditional glass neon, our LED border lighting is also easier to install. There’s never been a better time or reason to make the switch to LED Neon Flex border lighting. LED Neon Flex – for all the bright reasons!


[tab title=”Accent & Cove Lighting” icon=”moon-stack-3″]

Accent & Cove Neon Lighting Fixtures
Experience the gorgeous glow!

LED Neon Flex is particularly effective in accent and cove lighting applications due to its diffused optic. A key to accent and cove lighting is to hide the source of the light. In many cases the source of light can reflect off of other surrounding materials and in turn reflect the actual light source. This can become blinding and essentially kills the concept of accent or cove lighting. LED Neon Flex has a diffused optic covering the LEDs which creates the look of neon which then creates the accent or cove light. The result is a smooth, subtle appearance.


[tab title=”Architectural lighting” icon=”moon-stack-3″]

Architectural Lighting
Engineered for maximum usability!

Architectural lighting is an area of the lighting industry not very well understood by most lighting companies. As a company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, architectural lighting projects are very familiar to Green LED Lighting. From upscale interiors to vibrant eye-catching exteriors, we have solutions that fit the bill. Our LED Neon Flex line is available in all color temperatures to meet the needs of even the pickiest designer. We know that some applications require an exact color temperature as other elements of the project have been designed based on the required temperature being satisfied. In some cases, there can be no substitutes.

Green LED Lighting Solutions is a knowledge based company that works with designers and architects alike to ensure that their unique vision they have created in their mind is brought to life.


[tab title=”LED Backlighting” icon=”moon-stack-3″]

LED Backlight Panel
Lighting Professionals #1 Choice for LED Panel

LED light panels are constructed from high performance optic acrylic sheets used in LCD & LED displays (not the regular acrylic sheets) with our Patent Pending CNC machined light distribution grids on the back. Using this design we are able to modify the grid pattern to better extend the LED Light into odd shapes and configurations.

Utilizing our Edge Lit Heat Sink Design, LED Backlight Panels can be as thin as 6mm or as thick as 12mm, as bright as 2000-20,000 Lux evenly distributed over the panel, and can be easily integrated into your custom lighting application or other existing snap frames to build custom light boxes for store or indoor/outdoor lighting applications.

LED Backlight Panel is designed to emit a bright, even output of light across the entire surface of the fixture. Edge lit with highly efficient LEDs, the light travels from the edges of the panel along laser engraved channel etched into optical grade acrylic, to the centre of the panel. The patented technology allows each panel to be brightly illuminated across its entire surface without dark spots.

At a minimum depth of 6mm, the LED Back Light Panel is the perfect solution for bright, even illumination on any project. Maximum dimensions of each panel are 118” long X 70” wide. For larger applications placing panels side by side will create continuous even light source.

Custom shapes, letters, logos and cut-outs are all easy to achieve with our LED Panel lights. Our precise cutting CNC machines are able to work to your exact specifications, providing creative solutions to your lighting, millwork, signage and display projects.


[tab title=”LED Signage” icon=”moon-stack-3″]

LED Illumination Signage
Seamless Uniform Continuous Light

Is your old neon signage giving you maintenance nightmares? To attract customers to your business, keep your store visible, and literally shine a light on your goods and services, you need lighting and signage that you can rely on. Consider upgrading to the brighter, easier, less costlier alternative—the LED neon sign. Our custom LED Neon Flex business signs are highly dependable and hassle-free, which means that you’ll spend less time doing maintenance and more time running your business.

Our commercial quality LED neon signs also shine brighter but consume less energy than traditional glass neon signs. Why burn more resources when you could earn more profits? In other words, our LED neon sign illumination or lighted channel letters are the most eco-friendly, dependable, and trouble-free neon signage solution on the market!
Ordering Your LED Neon Sign

At LEDNeonFlex.com, your satisfaction is our priority. To ensure that we design and manufacture an LED neon sign illumination, Lighted channel letters to your specifications, please answer these brief questions:

  • What font style would you like on your sign?
  • What do want your sign to say?
  • Your color(s) do you want your sign to be?
  • What size should your sign be?
  • Do you have an image to be included in your sign?

Why should you switch to LED Neon Signs?

  • They consume 80% less energy than traditional glass neon.
  • LEDNeonFlex.com signs do not contain lead, harmful gas or mercury.
  • Our signs are ROHS Compliant as well as UL and cUL Compliant
  • LED neon signs pose no shock or fire hazard and create very little heat.
  • Our signs are made with PVC instead of glass for more safety, less maintenance.
  • Our signs are constructed of high quality sheet metal and then powder-coated to prevent weather damage. Unlike traditional neon signs, they thrive in the cold.
  • While traditional neon typically lasts only 8,000 to 20,000 hours, depending on its environment, our signs have been built to last for 50,0000 hours or more.

Become a Distributor

Are you a sign company that has been turning away requests for LED Neon lighted channel letters because you just can’t compete on price? Or maybe you are a retailer looking for neon as a new product extension? Depending on your commercial needs and applications, our LEDNeonFlex.com Distributor Program could be the key to unlocking your future success in LED Solutions.

Drop-Shipping or Direct Shipping Available

If warehousing extra signs has become a problem due to lack of space or the need to reduce overhead, we can help. LEDNeonFlex.com can drop-ship directly to your customer. Simply supply us with the shipping address when you order your sign and we’ll take care of the rest.

Manufacturing and Delivery Time

Delivery times can vary, depending on the complexity of the sign you order. Please allow two to six weeks for delivery. On rare occasions, we have required up to eight weeks.