Advantages of using LED Neon Lights

We talk about the advantages of using LED neon lights over traditional neon gas.However, nothing shows the superior illumination and energy-saving capabilities better than an award tacked on to the product.For the 2017 Lighting Design Awards “Most Outstanding Exterior Luminaire,” LED Neon Flex Vivid Pixel wins among the competition.

For our entry in this years lighting design awards, we used Vivid Pixel, our most advanced LED Neon Flex fixture to date.

What is the LED Neon Flex?

The LED Neon Flex group of products offers you the convenience and energy savings of LED neon lights, but the control of DMX.
What makes LED Neon Flex so unique is that it is a patented LED technology that offers more advantages than the common neon gas fixture or conventional lighting. At Green LED Lighting Solutions, we offer smaller, brighter, and more efficient fixtures like the Vivid Pixel.Furthermore, all LED Neon Flex products designed by us come with a three-year warranty.

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What Makes Vivid Pixel Unique?

Vivid Pixel is vibrant and breathtaking. The colors produce 16.7 million color options and integrate with an IC that allows you to control the 125mm units.
Vivid Pixel is the best outdoor lighting solution, but also ideal for indoor lighting and low-resolution graphic displays. All it takes is a single control unit combined with led neon flex to create breathtaking illumination on the exterior of your building or to enhance your interior.

Breathtaking Accents and Signage for Architecture

Our LED Neon Flex products are perfect for construction, which is one reason our Vivid Pixel product won at this year’s award ceremony. When used to enhance the curvature and natural features of a building, LED neon lights bring to life the dark corners, accentuate glass windows, and take architecture further. With its excellent pliability, LED Neon Flex wraps around lettering, organic shapes, and is weather-resistant .

Access LED Neon Flex from the Largest Supplier in the U.S.

GLLS is the leading provider of LED Neon Flex and other green lighting solutions in the United States.We have completed projects for the Academy Awards, Las Vegas casinos, and more. We thoroughly test our products to ensure they suit almost any application.

If you are ready to take your building’s exterior to the next level, access the award-winning technology from GLLS today.Our experts can help you find the perfect color and effects and calculate bending radius to ensure you receive the proper connections for vibrant lighting every time.