No matter how many times you’ve seen a production of “Romeo and Juliet,” you’ve never seen one that sizzles like the version at San Diego’s Old Globe Theatre. Entitled “The Last Goodbye,” the Shakespeare-inspired musical sizzles from its modernized script and powerful performance, but there’s another key element that turns the entire performance up a notch. That element is the vivid LED neon lighting used on the set.

What It Is

LED Neon Flex Globe 2Vivid LED neon lighting is a versatile, color-changing lighting option that combines low-energy use with an incredibly high impact. It comes in several variations, including a color changing LED neon rope light and LED RGB light strips. Vivid LED neon lighting is particularly ideal for commercial uses, as evidenced by the new and creative ways it was incorporated in the set design by the production crew at the Old Globe Theatre.

What It Did for the Old Globe

The Old Globe’s production of “The Last Goodbye” was a masterpiece in terms of lighting use, with vivid LED neon lighting playing a starring role. Vivid LED lighting was used to:

  • Enhance the stage set, creating a colorful foreground and background shadows that directed the audience to the main action
  • Change the entire color of the set from blue to red, providing variation and a distinctly different feel for the chosen scenes
  • Highlight the main action of a red-hot party scene with the vivid red, leaving the outer edges of the party in a cooler blue
  • Accentuate key element in the stage design, specifically the grand arches that towered over much of the action
  • Add visual drama to key scenes with rapid bursts of color behind the performer
  • Set the mood and tone at various stages throughout the production

Overall Benefits

In addition to contributing to a truly memorable performance, vivid LED neon lighting comes with a host of benefits that makes it a lucrative choice for performances that deserve striking and high-impact lighting.

  • Bright, vibrant colors that add excitement, drama and high visibility
  • Low levels of heat and energy expended
  • Color changing options that can quickly and easily change the entire mood or focal point
  • Wireless panel that allows the user to quickly and easily control and manage various aspects of the lighting from a single console
  • Adds dimension, presence, mood and ambiance to any stage design

For more information on vivid LED neon lighting or how it can enhance your performances, please contact Green LED Solutions.