Don’t have the budget to remodel or redecorate? Looking to improve your atmosphere without breaking the bank? In film, the art of lighting the scene is referred to as “sculpting with light.” It may sound a little corny, but it’s an apt metaphor. When you look at the texture of your ceiling panels, you’ll notice that the area closer to the light is less defined, it looks smoother than those farther away, casting long shadows. If that’s what normal lighting can do to the feel of a room, then obviously, LED lighting opens up a lot of interesting ideas.

A few LED Neon commercial LED lighting products can make a tremendous difference between another boring storefront, another dull interior, and a room that really sings. Here are just a few ideas for putting a few LED lights, an LED backlit panel and other products to use:

Lighting Up the Night Skyline

Exterior LED lighting is an exciting area to play in. With a few inexpensive LED lights, you can take that dull, white wall outside of your building and make it a brilliant turquoise when the night comes. Animated LED effects are also possible, which can make an exterior truly stunning next to the bland buildings surrounding it.

Dramatic Accents

LED effects don’t need to dominate. In fact, many prefer to keep it sort of low-key, accenting their buildings with a touch of color here or there rather than painting entire walls with light. In smaller, more intimate environments, especially, just a little splash of red or blue can create a warm or cool feeling without overwhelming visitors.

Dot Matrix Video Walls

Dot Matrix video walls are those really cool digital animated walls that you see on casino billboards and in just about every movie set in Tokyo or Hong Kong. Dazzling displays that can showcase any kind of video content you would want to share, dot matrix video walls open up a lot of fun possibilities for changing the look and feel of your place of business.

Affordable, versatile and, most of all, a lot of fun to experiment with, LED really can transform your place of business in seconds flat.