When you are searching for the best new options in commercial LED neon lighting products, LED Neon Flex always has some amazing new options available for you to consider.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a commercial-grade product for architectural lighting effects or decorative-grade product to enhance a home’s beauty, we have an astounding array of options available in 24 and 120-volt power sources and in variable lengths and profiles.

What LED Neon Can Do For Your Commercial Applications

Our LED Neon Flex lines are designed to be cut at any cutting mark and used as separate components, adding a huge range of flexibility in design considerations. Able to be used indoors or outdoors for different effects, these lights are also available in a variety of profiles, color effects, and rotating colors. This means that your designs come out the just the way you imagined them. The flexibility of our product gives.

What LED Neon To Use for Decorative Applications

LED Neon Rope lines produce as much light as traditional neon, have better color stability than traditional neon and have a longer history in the field than many other LED neon products.

They produce little heat and are rated for indoor or outdoor use.

LED border lighting can produce stunning effects, outlining architectural features, walkways, windows and many other areas at your business or home. My contractors love to work with it because it is simple to install, takes very little maintenance and provides more light than traditional neon installations do. It also draws attention to the structure and enhances safety.

If you want to create subtle lighting effects, neon cove lighting fixtures can be used to excellent benefit. Whether its purpose is providing gentle lighting to a room or making a dark hallway safer by producing floor-level lighting, LED neon can help you make the effect more efficiently and easily.

Other benefits of LED neon include producing the same amount of light while using only 1/10 the energy of a regular neon line and significantly less breakable and longer-lasting products, allowing you to design with confidence.

If you’d like to find out more about LED neon, get advice on particular models or just have a few questions for our experts, please feel free to contact us! We’re proud to serve the community with cutting-edge LED neon products.