Cities are most notable for their eccentric lights and advertisements. Walking down the sidewalk, it’s impossible not to feel the energy of the flashing signs that promise a good time, or the neon lights that welcome you to a hotel. However, traditional neon signs are quickly being replaced by a more economical and green solution: LED neon flex lights.

LED lights look almost identical to their neon counterparts, and they are convincing at both short and long distances. The Old Drake, a famous Chicago hotel, is only one of the most recent examples of a landmark switching its old sign for something greener.


LED vs. Traditional Neon

Traditional neon lights use a gas to help achieve that unmistakable glow. However, some of the colors require the use of poisonous gases such as mercury. If the glass breaks, then the surrounding area immediately becomes a health hazard. As the sign, ages, it may also leak the gas in small volumes which are still unhealthy and toxic.

LED signs are non-toxic by nature, and they are also more economical. A broken neon sign can be nearly impossible to fix, but a damaged LED sign can be fixed without much trouble. LED signs can be safely recycled, whereas it requires a professional to dispose of traditional Led neon sign illumination. The initial cost of an LED sign is less than the cost of a neon sign as well.

Some of the main benefits of an LED neon tube light include:

•A lower price than traditional neon
•Energy efficiency
•Same brightness and color as traditional neon
•The chance for more designs and patterns

LED signs can be designed to flash, move, and even represent entire videos. The capacity for motion and clarity is much higher with LED signs, and this can help to create effective and creative advertising. LED signs can also use less energy, and this can help to reduce the overall cost as well. Plus, LED signs remove the risk of leaking harmful chemicals such as mercury.

Classic Signs; New Style

Classic signs are being replaced by environmental neon LED solutions. The Old Drake’s improved sign shows that LED neon signs are nearly identical to their classic counterparts. Not only can LED signs replicate traditional neon signs, they can also expand on them with a greater range of motion, colors, and styles. With society moving towards a greener future, and with safe recycling becoming the norm, it is likely that classic signs everywhere will replace their traditional neon with new and improved LED neon.