When it comes to lowering your business’s energy consumption and increasing your bottom line, your lighting plays a much bigger role than you realize. If you are using incandescent lighting, or even CFLs, you are surely spending much more money than you need to while doing the planet a disservice. Instead, you need to be using commercial LED lighting products. Here’s why:

Extremely Energy Efficient

For starters, you won’t find anything more energy efficient. Just take a look at Walgreens, who just introduced their first net-zero energy location. Every single light source in the building is an LED. That speaks volumes. Essentially, commercial LED lighting products are digital lights. They are so efficient because they don’t waste very much energy on providing heat, and instead focus it on creating light, which is what a light bulb is for, after all (this lack of heat also makes LED lights an ideal product to use for goods that can’t handle very much heat, like certain foods, expensive fabrics, or even original wall art). They actually require 80% less energy to operate than an incandescent light, which means your electric bill can be reduced substantially.

Last Forever

If the reduced energy costs aren’t enough to convince you to use commercial LED lighting, what about their lifespan? How often are you changing light bulbs right now? Weekly? Monthly? Not only do you constantly have to purchase these bulbs, but you also have to pay someone to change them. Now imagine a building that didn’t require you to change the light bulbs for twenty years. With LED lighting used for eight hours per day, this is a very real possibility. Even if you operate around the clock, you can forget about replacing the lights for upwards of 10 years.


When it does come time to change the lights, you can rest easy knowing that your disposed commercial LED lighting products will not be damaging the Earth. Unlike a lot of the lighting sources out there today that contain mercury, LED lights are 100% recyclable because they do not contain any dangerous chemicals.


Make You Look Good

But commercial LED lighting products are not just about being eco-friendly; they will also make your business look amazing. Unlike CFL lights, they shine brightly and turn on instantly. Their design options are limitless, and their vibrancy will improve the ambiance throughout your building and make everything look its best.